Mouser Stocks Wide Variety of Vishay Automotive Grade Products


Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components™, offers a wide range of products from Vishay for automotive applications. Vishay has established its own Automotive Grade standard with the goal of zero defects, zero incidents and zero failures. This standard incorporates key automotive industry quality initiatives and a robust design policy in which new and modified products are developed using failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA).

The requirements for Vishay’s Automotive-Grade standard cover design, qualification and manufacturing and are used to improve the company’s products and processes continuously. Components fulfilling these requirements earn the Automotive Grade stamp on their datasheets and can be found in virtually every part of the automobile — from advanced driver assistance systems to active braking, airbag ignition, EV/HEV battery management systems and more.

The Vishay VOA300, available from Mouser, is the industry’s first AEC-Q102-qualified linear optocoupler, providing a high-performance option for galvanically isolated current and voltage measurement in electric vehicles. Offering an industry-high isolation voltage of 5,300 Vrms, the VOA300 delivers a response time five times faster than competing devices. At the same time, the optocoupler offers high transfer gain stability of 0.005%/°C and a single-ended output for design flexibility. This output can be directly connected to an amplifier stage or an ADC. The device’s fast response time enables quick detection of voltage and current ripples to trigger battery cut-off mechanisms, or eFuses, which protect passengers and vehicles.

Vishay’s Automotive Grade IHLP® low profile, high current inductors combine a high continuous operating temperature of up to +180 °C with a low profile 3 mm package to save space in under-the-hood automotive applications. This AEC-Q200-qualified device is optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters up to 2 MHz. It also provides excellent attenuation of noise in high-current filtering applications up to the SRF of the inductor. With their high operating temperature, these devices are designed for filtering and DC/DC conversion in engine and transmission control units, diesel injection drivers, advanced driver assistance systems, exhaust gas recycling pumps and infotainment systems.

Vishay/ Techno CDMA thick film chip dividers feature a compact 2512 case size and high working voltages up to 1415 V. The CDMA series is designed to lower component counts and placement costs for automotive and industrial applications while reducing PCB sizes and providing increased accuracy and stability. Consisting of two resistors integrated into a single package with a 5 mm creepage distance, the chip dividers released today provide single-component replacements for multiple discrete resistors used in voltage divider applications. The space-saving AEC-Q200 qualified devices are optimized for voltage monitoring and overvoltage protection in high-power DC-DC converters and inverters, onboard chargers and battery management systems in electric vehicles (EV) and industrial equipment.

The Vishay K857PH Automotive Grade 4-quadrant silicon PIN photodiode enables a variety of sensor and control applications for the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets, combining high photosensitivity with low 0.1 % crosstalk and virtually no tolerance between its segments. The AEC-Q101 qualified device released today features four monolithic PIN diodes — each with an active area of 1.6 mm² — integrated into a single 4.72 mm by 4.72 mm by 0.8 mm top-view, surface-mount package. The sides of the K857PH’s package are opaque, eliminating stray light irradiating the photodiodes, resulting in an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The device’s linear photo response is optimized for automotive rain and light sensors.

Mouser also hosts a Vishay automotive resource hub featuring eBooks, automotive articles, whitepapers, videos and more.

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