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Littelfuse Releases Innovative eFuse Super Capacitor Protection ICs for Backup Power Charging Applications

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the latest addition to the eFuse Protection ICs product line of versatile circuit protection devices, the LS0502SCD33. This pioneering innovation marks a significant milestone in the industry, providing the eFuse Super Capacitor Protection IC, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for backup power charging applications in harsh environments. View the video.

In many applications where backup power is crucial, the narrow temperature range of Lithium-Ion batteries limits their use. To address this challenge, Littelfuse developed the LS0502SCD33, a supercapacitor-based solution that offers a wide operating temperature range and high power/energy density, ensuring a safe and compact alternative.

One of the key differentiators of the LS0502SCD33 is its ability to handle high operating voltages (>3 V) without the need for complex power management systems. The LS0502SCD33 safeguards the system from potential damage by integrating input overvoltage and current protection, providing designers with a flexible, integrated, and compact storage capacitor or capacitor bank backup solution. Furthermore, the LS0502SCD33 features an ideal diode for reverse blocking when the input voltage is lost, enhancing its reliability and efficiency.

The LS0502SCD33 eFuse Protection ICs are ideal for a wide range of SuperCap applications, including:

  • Dash cameras (automotive DVR),
  • Smart meters,
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices,
  • Handheld industrial tools, and
  • Portable gadgets with detachable batteries.

“The LS0502SCD33 eFuse provides electronics designers with a high-efficiency integrated SuperCap charging IC solution in a single chip,” said Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager, Protection Semiconductor Business at Littelfuse. “This addition to our eFuse Protection ICs product portfolio expands the line’s solutions to include portable battery device protection, making Littelfuse a forerunner in the burgeoning market of management and protection for SuperCap applications.”

The LS0502SCD33 eFuse’s competitive advantage is its support for a wide range of protection features, including Over-Current Protection (OCP) and Over-Voltage Protection (OVP). Moreover, it boasts lower power consumption and supports Active Cell Balance, setting it apart from other solutions available.

Apart from its integrated protection features, the LS0502SCD33 offers several benefits. Manufacturers can reduce repair expenses with enhanced reliability and an extended life cycle. Additionally, the LS0502SCD33 enables longer battery life while reducing overall product size with its space-saving footprint, a crucial advantage for applications requiring extended standby time.

How It Works

The LS0502SCD33 is a holistic solution for systems requiring a backup storage capacitor by integrating input overvoltage, overcurrent protection, a reverse blocking switch, and supercapacitor charging control circuits. With a built-in cell balance safeguarding two-cell supercapacitor systems, the circuit draws a mere 2.5 μA upon the full charge of the storage element. Additionally, it signals when the input supply is detached, enabling the primary system to respond promptly.


The eFuse Protection ICs are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 5,000. Place sample requests through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit Littelfuse.com.

For More Information

Additional information on the latest series release is available on the LS0502SCD33 eFuse Protection ICs product page. For technical questions, please contact Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager, Protection Semiconductor Business, bhsieh@littelfuse.com.


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