International SOS reinforces commitment to elevating global health and safety standards amid rising demand for services


International SOS, the world’s leading health and security risk services company, has reaffirmed its dedication to elevating global health and safety standards through its comprehensive and holistic approach to employee wellbeing. This commitment gains heightened significance in the face of an increased demand for its health and security risk services, driven by factors such as regional conflicts, climate change and disease outbreaks.

As international business travel rebounds to near pre-COVID levels, the organisation noted a more than threefold increase in health and security cases per 100 trips since 2019. Positioned at the forefront of addressing the evolving challenges faced by global workforces, the organisation emphasised the interconnected nature of health issues across borders. This holds significance as it coincides with businesses embracing learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting their health strategies to address the negative impacts of climate change.

This was stated by Dr Olivier LO, Group Medical Director Occupational Health Services, Medical Services, of International SOS, while reviewing the company’s ongoing efforts to deliver innovative health and security solutions on a global scale. This includes ensuring enhanced business continuity, superior Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) performance, and a substantial reduction in the rate of injuries as well as expensive evacuations from offshore oil and gas installations.

Dr Olivier LO said: “At International SOS, our commitment to shaping the global health landscape is unwavering. As we navigate the complex challenges of the modern world, our focus on strategic innovation remains at the core of our mission. In prioritising employee wellbeing, we are not just safeguarding individuals; we are empowering organisations to thrive. Our dedication extends beyond borders, ensuring that businesses, governments, and institutions can navigate the path to growth and sustainability with confidence.”

Highlighting the impact of regional conflicts and disease outbreaks, International SOS stated that over 2,000 assistance cases are attributed to the Ukraine crisis, and more than 100 alerts are linked to ‘Mpox’. The organisation further asserted that it has observed a notable increase in climate-related alerts, with a staggering 80% rise in medical alerts, a 30% increase in security alerts, and a fourfold rise in climate-related special advisories during 2023. These special advisories entail specific warnings or guidelines issued by agencies and specialised organisations like International SOS, pertaining to the impact of climate change on health, security, and business operations.

In response to these evolving challenges, International SOS said that it will continue to pioneer innovative approaches to ensure employee well-being in challenging environments. A key focus has been the accelerated expansion of TeleHealth services to 35 countries, providing essential healthcare services remotely. The recently launched ‘SelfService’ TeleConsultation solutions further demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to accessible and quality care on a global scale. These efforts align with an environmentally conscious mindset, reducing unnecessary travel and associated environmental impacts.

International SOS’s customised health and security consulting for workforce resilience has yielded positive outcomes for organisations worldwide. By partnering with International SOS, businesses have experienced a reduction in strain on workforces, decreased sickness-related costs, and generated significant savings. 

According to the ‘Return on Investment Study’ conducted by IPSOS, 64% of surveyed professionals affirm that organisations like International SOS have played a pivotal role in reducing incidents and critical events, reducing the cost of business operations and travel. Similarly, 65% acknowledge that such organisations have been instrumental in averting financial losses and legal expenses through proactive risk assessment and mitigation strategies. The study also highlights that 57% of surveyed professionals believe that organisations like International SOS contribute to savings by enhancing medical care management and optimising the overall medical experience.

Industry leaders are emphasising the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to global health issues, focusing on the integration efforts across sectors such as education, infrastructure, environment, planning, finance, and governance. In keeping with this mission, International SOS has played a significant role in contributing to the global health agenda, both in the consulting and private sector realms, as well as in the Aid and Development sector.

The organisation, focuses on workforce resilience, offers customised health and security consulting, mental health resilience support, and guidance in complex threat environments. International SOS advocates for public-private partnerships in tackling global health challenges such as the rise of non-communicable diseases. Recent collaborations, aimed at enhancing integrated epidemic and pandemic risk management solutions, underscore the company’s commitment to collective efforts.

With a presence in over 90 countries, International SOS boasts a team of 13,000 multicultural experts ready to provide immediate and effective responses to health and security threats. Serving 9,500 entities worldwide, including Fortune Global 500 firms and governments, the organisation prioritises comprehensive employee well-being, extending beyond conventional services. Specialising in workforce resilience, Health and Security Consulting, mental health support, personalised testing, vaccinations, and medical evacuations, International SOS ensures individuals’ safety and health globally.


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