How UX Designing Strengthens Product Security and Improves ROI

UX Designing Strengthens Product Security and Improves ROI

Investing in UX Design is important for digital solution providers because:

1. Companies earning a bad reputation for lousy designs with security flaws will eventually drop out of the market race.

2. Users would naturally go for digital tools that are empathetic towards their online information security. 

Researches highlight that most of the global cyber breaches happened because of human error. According to a joint 2020 IBM Security and Ponemon Institute report, 23% of data breaches are contributions of human negligence.

However, blaming users for their lack of cyber hygiene is not helping the situation improve. The product companies must also acknowledge the flaw in their product design that is contributing to security failures. A good User Experience (UX) design considers different user behaviors and makes an application user-friendly, appealing, and most importantly, secure for all types of users.

The following aspects determine why UX is crucial for any platform to be more transparent and safe:

1.UX design helps determine the data transparency level:

 Users trust companies with their sensitive data while using their digital solutions. However, that trust is deceived when the users’ data is accessed at the back-end without their knowledge or permission. It is a design deception tactic where companies create products to access users’ data unethically. And in some cases, product companies simply do not pay much attention to improving their product design for a safer and secure UX, as it would require additional capital investment. However, the cost-of-inaction (CoI) in this regard can cause more loss to the business, as users will eventually move away to more secure and smartly designed products. 

With increasing awareness of data security, users will easily discard products that are not empathetic towards their online security. This will eventually hit the business reputation.

2.UX Designed to inculcate cyber-hygiene practices:

 The UX aspect of any digital product can help drive cyber hygiene amongst users, reducing their chances of falling prey to a cyber-breach. A good UX design makes sure that the user follows mandatory but easy steps that will help strengthen the applications’ security. There should be a regular request for updates of user passcodes, passwords, phone numbers and other details required for safer access to the app.

Companies especially in fintech, healthcare, telecom, online shopping, or other critical solutions, must ensure that security is a core value of their product design. It is also a way of conveying to the users that the solution provider is responsible and concerned about their data privacy and that their personal information is in safe hands.


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