Digital Disruption Catapulting into a Digital Revolution in India

An interview with Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India

Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India
Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India

Digital transformation is disrupting industries, governance, public and private sectors, and the lives of people in both rural and urban areas. Easy access to the internet, widespread use of intelligent devices, and COVID-19’s impact collectively have led to a digital disruption catapulting into a digital revolution in the country. At this junction, the role of tech solution providers and MSPs plays a significant role. Here is an interview with Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India on the digital transformation happening in India and how the cloud solution market has been shaping up.

1.  Due to the Digital Disruption in the last 2 years what is the impact on Digitization in India?

The use and access to cloud solutions and tools are no longer limited to IT businesses but have permeated to other sectors such as government, healthcare, agriculture, and education. Overall, the number of internet users has grown by more than 50 percent in the last few years. In India, the internet penetration rate stood at 47 percent of the total population in 2022. There were 658 million active internet users in India in January 2022.

Easy access to the internet, widespread use of intelligent devices, fast adoption of digital payment gateways, rapid urbanization, and COVID-19’s impact on social distancing have collectively led to a digital disruption catapulting into a digital revolution in the country. It needs no mention that businesses across the country will not be able to sustain themselves if they do not take digital initiatives to enhance their customer experience across the supply chain.

2.  Tell us about the Multicloud adoption trends in India.

Cloud adoption is proliferating fast in India. Many Indian enterprises have moved their critical business applications such as email, web hosting, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and human resources (HR) to the cloud. Earlier, Indian businesses have grappled with the complex nature of computing, storage, and datacenters. Driven by IoT and digitization, the Indian IT sector is fast leading the adoption of Multicloud solutions and providing comprehensive services to consumers. Multicloud services are about different cloud computing and storage services from other vendors in a single heterogeneous architecture to improve cloud infrastructure capabilities and cost. Cloud plays a significant role in delivering needed IT resources on-demand amid the rapid digital transformation.

3. How has the role of MSP changed in the last few years?

Over the years, the managed service provider (MSP) sector has been under a facelift. However, with clients facing complex issues around security, there is a general need and demand that MSPs transform how they do business. To meet this demand, many MSPs are transitioning to a different model focused on security and becoming MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers).

MSSPs are those managed service providers, who tailor their offering to be security-focused. This could be across a wide range of services from Email Security, Perimeter security like Firewall, Web Security, and Application Security. Everything an MSSP does is focused on a ‘security first’ approach, and they often focus on integrations between their security offerings to help automate their processes. In contrast, an MSP typically focuses on infrastructure and core services like remote management and monitoring, patching, and AV deployment/support. 

The accelerated digital transformation phase has opened up considerable opportunities for the MSSP community. Companies are migrating from on-premises infrastructure to cloud services leveraging SaaS offerings, like Office 365, and are looking for security solutions to protect their cloud infrastructures. There is the rapid adoption of SaaS data protection services, advanced email security offerings, and zero trust technologies for organizations to ensure that they are all secure wherever their remote staff is working and whatever device they use to access corporate services

4. How do you think businesses should now approach their marketing strategies to post the pandemic? What has been your strategy for the same?

We at Crayon have always emphasized the right messaging to our partners and customers. Crayon Software Experts India has roots in Norway, a country known for its people-centric leadership approach. The digital transformation landscape has seen tremendous shifts and massive evolution in the last two years. Initially, it was a state of panic and hurry, where organizations were adapting to any solution that would keep their business running during the pandemic. That has changed, and companies are in a better position financially and resourcefully while they plan and adopt various cloud solutions. As digital transformation partners, we are assuring that businesses get the best guidance throughout this transition.

In the last two years, our go-to-market-strategies have been primarily online and digital in nature, for instance, Webinars, Virtual Customer Round Table’s, Media Led Initiatives, Virtual Partner Round Tables, Content Curation, Digital Campaigns, Partners CRTs, PR & Corporate Communication, Promos, Sales Enablement Tools, Crayon Thought Leadership Interviews, JGTM with OEMs, lot of Social Media Marketing, Media Visibility being rolled out. This year, we believe that people will be seeing more of each other offline, in gatherings and meets, much like pre-2020. We are also looking forward to engaging with our customers and partners offline this year.

5. How do you see the market shaping up, and what are your goals for 2022?

2022 is opening up very positively for us. It may still take some more time for the industry to be particular about stable market conditions. However, we see a fair amount of movement and transitions happening across verticals. People are investing in new processes and expanding operations across markets. This will lead to higher adoption of Multicloud, SaaS, and PaaS solutions.

Our company is well equipped to provide the best solutions and services and cater to a digital-centric market. We already have the best partnership with industry leaders and the best-in-class technological expertise. But our major USP is the people-first philosophy that keeps us grounded and empathetic to the problems with the adoption and management of digital solutions. We as a company are mindful about selling technologies to our customers that solve their immediate problems and bring speed and efficiency to their business processes.  We ensure that our existing customers are getting the best services and that we continue to help them scale their businesses on the cloud in the future. In addition, we have regular discussions with the industry CIOs, CTOs, and key decision-makers, to understand the real-time challenges companies face and the solutions required. Finally, we took continuous feedback from our customers, partners, and the broader ecosystem during the pandemic. After all, it takes a well-established communication process and a reliable support system for the success of any service provider.


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