Bobble AI enters into the aviation sector through a strategic partnership with AirAsia

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In a major development, Bobble AI, India’s largest conversation media platform, recently tied up with AirAsia, a Malaysian multinational budget airline, JK Cement, and Great Learning, a leading ed-tech platform that focuses on comprehensive learning for professionals and students. The strategic alliance witnessed the three organizations adopting Bobble AI’s CMM (Conversation Media Marketing) to amplify their brand conversations and accelerate customer reach and engagement. The tie-up with AirAsia, finalized in August 2021, marked Bobble AI’s foray into partnerships in the aviation sector.  

The 30-day campaign that Bobble AI ran for AirAsia was aimed at elevating AirAsia’s brand recall amongst the youth and positioning it as their go-to airline for their travel requirements. Through powerful and innovative language and conversation marketing, Bobble AI magnified AirAsia’s brand across conversations centered around travel, flight booking, vacations, etc. A massive success, the campaign reached over 1.8 million users. 

“Despite being Bobble AI’s first-time collaboration in the aviation sector, the brand brought immense value through its campaign for AirAsia. Reaching out to more than 1.8 million users in 30 days is no easy feat, but Bobble AI’s cutting-edge algorithms have bolstered both engagement and customer reach for the company. We have further solidified our presence and reached our target group for this campaign – millennials and the youth. We look forward to continuing working with them in the future,” said KishenRamaswamy, Product Marketing Manager, AirAsia, India.  

For Great Learning, Bobble AI utilized everyday conversations to help amplify the brand’s presence and reach when people discussed career building and professional growth. Featuring esteemed cricketer Virat Kohli who is Great Learning’s brand ambassador, Bobble AI augmented the education platform’s on-air TVCs. Having run between 1st-22nd October, Bobble AI’s campaign garnered over 12 million views and 61,000 content shares. 

For JK Cement, Bobble AI’s first collaboration witnessed colossal success, making JK Cement’s brand mascot an integral part of the everyday lives of over 3.4 million people. Bobble AI’s aim was to intensify the brand by making the brand’s mascot a part of Diwali and Bhai Dooj wishes. The campaign ultimately garnered over 11 million impressions with 133,000 content shares. 

Speaking on the continued success, Sarabjeet Singh, Executive VP of Bobble AI, said, “Bobble AI was built to integrate brands seamlessly in conversations relevant to them through visually engaging content like stickers, GIFs, and emojis. With our smart algorithms, we augment the brand’s presence and reach in the right context as and when people speak about them. Today, branded content has become a powerful medium for users to express themselves in a fun and exciting way. Bobble AI’s solutions help users build positive sentiments towards brands. We are delighted to collaborate with market leaders in three different industries, and these partnerships illustrate the value addition that Bobble AI delivers for diverse brands.”

He further added, “All three of our campaigns have been hugely successful, establishing the brands’ presence in multiple geographies across the country with each cluster of target customers the brands have. Bobble AI’s unique algorithm allows us to cater to a wide variety of brands across verticals and improve their customer reach and engagement through visually appealing conversational marketing. In fact, we have already worked with brands like Cadbury, ITC Sunfeast Yippee! McDonald’s, JK Cement, Kingfisher, Happydent, Paytm First Games, and Oreowho have benefited immensely through our CMM services.”


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