Why 3D Virtual Showrooms are 3X More Engaging Than 2D Websites?

Virtual showroom

The 3D interface opens doors to a whole new set of options that go beyond the 2d experience. These experiences can be defined in so many single words like immersive, emotive, experiential or even fun or cool; but let’s go a bit deeper into this!

The human edge

Humans live, think & move in 3D

The 3-dimensional space has been native to our existence. Every experience & interaction that we do in the real world is in a 3D space. A simulated 3D virtual showroom or virtual booth can thus have a profound impact on the user creating deeper engagement &memory.

Communication is better in 3D

The 3d virtual space also helps to improve communication& exchange of ideas, information or even emotion. 3D appeals to higher number of sensory receptors in the brain & thus creates a more wholesome engagement for the user. Be it looking at a product replica from all angles, listening to a virtual host or navigating through a 360° environment, they all create a deeper communication & impact.

3D is more involving

A 3d virtual showroom creates gives greater incentive for the user to get involved. The space can be designed to create micro-engagement points throughout the experience. This encourages the user to spend more time discovering the space & getting information through a more entertaining journey.

These were some of the softer aspects of how a 3D experience can affect the user engagement& impact.

The technology edge

Let’s also quickly looks at some unique technology aspects that makes this possible:

Mesmerizing 3d environments: A Virtual Showroom can simulate any kind of environment. Be it a replica of a real showroom, or a storefront on the moon – the world of 3d is limited only by imagination. Ultra-real CGI & renderings can create unforgettable environments for users!

3Dproduct display: The integration of 3d product models & 3d images in virtual spaces lets the user rotate the product, zoom inor even use enable augmented reality to see it in their surroundings. Thesehandy options helpthe user make up his mind& move closer to his buying decision, even without having to travel physically to the real-world showroom.

Walk around navigation:

In a virtual showroom or any other virtual space, user can click & move inside the space. Since navigating in a 3d environment is already very natural & intutive to humans, this click & move functions create a comfortable & enjoyable browsing experience for the visitor.

Summing Up

These are some of the unique advantages & possibilities that a 3d Virtual Showroom or Virtual Exhibition Booth can offer over the standard 2d website. In an era when everything is becoming more user centric & experiential, it seems only natural for forward thinking brands to design 3d virtual spaces to enhance their online presence.

Here are some live examples of how B2B & B2C Brands across the world are building their Virtual Showrooms


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