Tredence Launches Revenue Growth Management Platform for CPGs

Tredence Launches Revenue Growth Management Platform for CPGs

Tredence Inc., a leading data science and AI solutions provider, recently launched the Prescriptive Revenue Growth Management (RGM) platform to help consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies proactively spot growth opportunities and monetize them through prescriptive analytics.

The platform encompasses customizable accelerators (product assortment, pricing, promotion, performance and executive review), frameworks to assess the maturity of the practice, reusable toolkits and customer success stories. With the help of a data and AI partner ecosystem and an advisory board, Tredence enables CPGs to scale by ensuring they develop the most effective promotional, pricing, segmentation and assortment strategies. 

Tredence’s high-impact RGM platform includes:

  • Adaptive pricing strategy: Build flexibility in pricing, identify gaps, compare with competitors in real-time, and achieve more by leveraging a clear and effective strategy
  • Optimized distribution strategy: Scale your distribution strategy at granular store segments by identifying key distribution gaps 
  • Responsive assortment strategy: Adapt to the actions of your competitors with automatic recommendations
  • Optimize promotion spends: Improve lift and ROI of low-efficiency events in the future with optimization and simulations

“In the rapidly changing digital-first economy, most CPG companies struggle to capitalize on revenue growth opportunities with traditional strategies. Tredence provides CPGs with an AI-powered prescriptive engine to build and maintain a strong commercial strategy,” said Sagar Balan, Chief Business Officer, CPG, Tredence. “The platform will help companies easily prepare for market disruptions, market consolidation, competition, inflation, trade barriers and more. By integrating a risk-reward model, hyper-personalization options and easy pluggability, CPGs can see outpacing category growth within six months.”

Tredence Prescriptive RGM offers unparalleled value with its comprehensive AI and analytics capabilities essential to any CPG business to boost both top and bottom-line growth. The company recently launched the RGM Playbook at the POI Hybrid Summit in Chicago and demonstrated how the platform could help CPGs grow by streamlining revenue growth operations and increasing productivity without compromising service excellence or quality.

CPGs interested in an exclusive deep dive into the Tredence Prescriptive RGM platform can learn more at:


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