Keydroid India Experiences Remarkable revenue Growth of 3x  Quarter on Quarter

The recent listing of Keydroid products on Amazon and the introduction of sub-brands like Nerve car perfumes are are expected to contribute significantly in the graph of growth


Keydroid India, the pioneering brand specializing in car key upgrades, has announced a remarkable 90 percent growth over the past three months. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the way car accessories are upgraded, Keydroid India offers state-of-the-art smart key upgrades that transform regular car keys into touch screen-enabled keys.

Keydroid’s innovative approach to car key remotes has captured the attention of car enthusiasts and tech-savvy consumers alike, resulting in a surge of visitors to their website and a substantial increase in revenue. Over the last three months (April, May, and June 2023), Keydroid India has experienced a remarkable surge in website traffic, attracting a total of 48,000 visitors combined. July alone saw a staggering 64,000 visitors to their website.

In terms of revenue, Keydroid achieved total revenue of 26 lakhs in the quarter ending June 2023, while July’s target revenue of 14 lakhs is expected to be exceeded comfortably. The recent listing of Keydroid products on Amazon and the introduction of sub-brands like Nerve car perfumes are anticipated to contribute significantly to a projected 3x increase in revenue for the quarter ending September 2023.

Expressing his enthusiasm and gratitude, Rajat Jaiswal, Founder and CEO of Keydroid India, stated, “As we celebrate Keydroid India’s remarkable growth, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our loyal customers, dedicated stakeholders, and the exceptional Keydroid team. Their unwavering support and trust have been the driving force behind our success. With the recent addition of our products on Amazon and the launch of our sub-brand, Nerve car perfumes, we embark on an even more ambitious journey. As we venture forward, we remain committed to delivering cutting-edge innovation and unmatched luxury car accessories, charting a path to global prominence for Keydroid India.”

In addition to its robust financial performance, Keydroid has also garnered significant attention and support from its customer base and social media followers. Over the past three months, the company’s social media following has grown from 14,000 to 18,500, with close to 11,000 subscribers on WhatsApp and 1,100 subscribers via email. Going forward, Keydroid is projecting an unprecedented 5x increase in revenue for the upcoming financial year. Having achieved a consistent doubling of revenue month on month for the past three months, the company is confident in maintaining a similar growth rate for at least the next six months.

To accommodate the increasing demand and interest from customers, Keydroid has invested in upgrading its website technology. With the continuous implementation of strategic marketing efforts and advertising as well as the deployment of automation tools such as Chat Bots, the company expects to welcome over 200,000 visitors to its website in the next three months.


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