Looking to build a career at a tech-startup? Join TakeOff Fest on 17th Feb to learn how to hack your career!

TakeOff fest

FlytBase, a drone automation and software development company is organizing a virtual fest for young aspirants across the country to help them navigate their careers in Deep Tech, AI/ML, Automation and Drones. TakeOff Fest will be hosted virtually on 17th Feb 2022, between 5pm – 7pm, featuring accomplished professionals from the fields of Robotics, Web Development, Product Design and Digital Marketing.

Students & young working professionals can register here: https://flytbase.com/careers/takeoff

Why Attend TakeOff Fest?

India is currently witnessing a wave of startups that leverage technology to accelerate their growth. No longer can anyone ignore the vast potential and opportunities that modern technologies, like, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and web 3.0 hold.

This sudden startup-boom has led to a sharp increase in the demand for skilled individuals to facilitate the innovation and growth of the industry. The issue that we currently face is of students not being fully aware of the opportunities available and how to get involved in this next-generation, high-growth sectors. There is also a need to augment the current academic curriculums with additional curated sessions that work at not only making students knowledgeable but also employable. TakeOff Fest intends to bridge this gap by making students aware of unconventional approaches they can adopt and various career hacks that will help them jump start their careers in today’s world of tech-startups. Afterall, there is no denying that in today’s time it takes more than a degree or a good college to be a successful professional.

The demand supply imbalance in the job market also gives rise to tons of opportunities which students can make use of. Now is the right time for the youth to tap into profiles such as robotics, web development, product design and digital marketing to lead an exciting and lucrative professional life.

Often, students are clueless about how to navigate their careers to achieve the professional success that they aspire for. TakeOff Fest with its experienced and accomplished speakers aims at guiding students on how to leverage various opportunities around them into long term careers with a high rate of success.

Apart from mentoring students on their careers, TakeOff Fest also aims at educating students about the opportunities that lie in the drones and automation industries that are still relatively new to the Indian market. Recently, the government has also begun to realize the immense potential of these fields and have already taken large strides to tap into them with massive budget allocations to push both startups and the drone industries. The recently released budget of 2022 reflects exactly that with the 120 crore DroneShakti PLI scheme and Rs 50 crore allocated for the Startup India programme. This was preceded with the government librelizing drone rules and regulations in 2021. The Covid-19 outbreak has served as a catalyst for Indian governmental agencies to use drones on a massive scale. Drone technology has been greeted with open arms, extending the usage of drones beyond what was previously restricted to only government organizations.

What To Look Forward To At The TakeOff Fest?

TakeOff Fest will be a two hour event, with 4 independent sessions, specifically on Robotics, Web development, Product Design and Digital Marketing. A total of eight speakers, two from each domain, will deep dive into their respective fields and share how they made unconventional choices that accelerated their growth and paved their way into leadership roles early in their careers. They will share their stories and personal career hacks with young aspirants. Students will also learn about the various internships and full time opportunities available at FlytBase.


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