Eliminate Complexity for Data Protection and Threat Prevention Using SaaS-Based Cloud Security

Suchit Karnik, COO, RAH

The challenges of today’s businesses are immense. As organizations are going online and operations are automated, there is a substantial increase in the number of endpoints across the world. Every digitally enabled device that now ranges from lighting and home décor to wearables and toys are all endpoints. The operations, associated applications, and the majority of work and leisure are data-driven. Changes post-2020 led to many organizations part from their in-house storage to the cloud. But in the digital age with cloud and data-driven business plans the focus moves towards securing it all. But how to fight against threats while navigating the complexities of multiple aspects? What about the costs involved in dealing with these challenges?

SaaS-based solution for endpoint and workload is the answer

“Trend Micro has a powerful Saas-based solution called Cloud One under which Endpoint Security and Workload Security are available. A single solution doesn’t necessarily mean singular capability and this helps get the best of both worlds. This solution conducts 2.5 trillion events processed per day across the network, emails and files. To stop malware, ransomware and vulnerabilities faster, Cloud’s complex public, private and hybrid systems, in-house storage, and diversified endpoints lead to complexities. Siloed, disconnected solutions mean blind spots, alert overload, operational complexity, and security gaps. But these services however can be procured through a single, lightweight agent that protects the servers, cloud workloads and applications. It is for this very reason that Gartner, IDC and MITRE have recommended and ranked #1 respectively in the global market,” says Suchit Karnik, COO at RAH Infotech.

So how is in-depth work done and benefits are provided by these solutions?

Cloud One Endpoint Security and Workload Security provide:

  • Optimized service options
  • Broadest security capabilities
  • Value-adding integrations
  • Seamless security
  • Stopping attacks without disruption
  • Frees up resources
  • Flexible pricing

The solution enables layered protection and detection capabilities, like antimalware, ransomware protection, host-based intrusion prevention, device and application control, and more. It provides the most ideal functionality by detecting and blocking threats with a minimal performance impact. This helps achieve role-based access controls and maintain regulatory and compliance requirements. It aids with the integration of full-featured XDR and attack surface risk management. Turn-key integrations are available that connect with other protection products, threat intel, SIEMs, orchestration solutions and more. The solution provides value addition with automated security deployment, policy management, health checks and compliance reporting. With this SaaS-based cloud solution Trend Micro provides a non-stop monitoring of 45+ billion URLs, emails and files. The company has the support of over 15 global research centres and 450 internal researchers, delivering 24/7/365 threat prevention for the cloud. The impact study by Forrester and the recognitions by Gartner, IDC and MITRE showcase how economically disruptive security threats and complexities are. So, Trend Micro Cloud One has proved to be an ideal solution to counter any existing and new challenges an organization meets during its journey.


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