Broadrange AI Collaborates with RV University, Bangalore to Shape the AI Leaders of Tomorrow through Generative AI

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Broadrange.AI, a pioneer in the field of AI technologies, is excited to announce its latest Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RV University, Bangalore, to jointly advance the realm of Generative AI. This strategic partnership aims to combine the strengths of both institutions, creating a nurturing foundation for India’s emerging tech enthusiasts to explore the vast opportunities within the US AI industry, particularly in the domain of Generative AI.

We are delighted to announce an inspiring collaboration between two visionary institutions—**Broadrange AI**, based in Northbrook, IL, and **RV University** in Bangalore, India. This partnership signifies a significant milestone and serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of both entities to fostering excellence and innovation.

Broadrange AI has joined hands with RV University to propel the frontiers of Generative AI forward. This strategic alliance brings together the best of both worlds, providing a nurturing platform for India’s emerging tech enthusiasts. These young technocrats will have the unique opportunity to explore the vast possibilities within the US AI industry, focusing on the dynamic domain of Generative AI.

In the spirit of this collaboration, RV University is proud to introduce its young technocrats—students deeply rooted in software development and fueled by a passionate interest in AI/ML technologies, particularly Generative AI. These aspiring talents will find themselves in a unique position to actively engage with and contribute to the pioneering initiatives of Broadrange AI in this transformative domain.

At the core of this partnership lies the mentorship provided by esteemed RVU faculty members, including Prof. CVSN Reddy and Mr. Ramarao Kadiyala of Broadrange AI. Their guidance and expertise will serve as a guiding light for our young technocrats, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to industry. Additionally, RVU’s contributions extend beyond mentorship, as the institution plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation upon which this partnership thrives.

A pivotal aspect of this collaboration is Broadrange AI’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in Generative AI. The company has meticulously curated a series of “intern-driven projects” designed to provide students with hands-on experience in developing and working with advanced Generative AI models. Through projects that encompass eLLM (Enterprise Large Language Model), Geneadaptic (Generative AI Application), and deep learning methodologies, students will be well-versed in prominent AI/ML tools that are essential in shaping the future of generative models, including:

A. Deep Learning: Leveraging advanced neural network architectures for solving complex AI challenges.

B. LangChain: An open-source framework for building applications powered by large language models

C. Hugging Face: A leading AI company behind the popular Transformers library, revolutionizing natural language processing with pre-trained models.

D. Large Language Models: Advanced AI systems, like GPT-3 and GPT-4, capable of understanding and generating human-like text across diverse applications.

E. Toolkits: GPT & BARD. Developed by OpenAI, and Google, these toolkits empower developers to train powerful generative models.

F. BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers): A pre-training language representation technique utilized for various tasks.

These tools not only offer students a competitive edge but also empower them to lead advancements in the dynamic field of Generative AI, which holds vast creative and practical potential.

Krishna Guda, Co-Founder of Broadrange AI, conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, “Emerging tech enthusiasts are at the forefront of AI’s evolution. Our collaboration with RV University underscores our commitment to refining their untapped potential in the realm of Generative AI. Beyond foundational projects, we’re excited to introduce them to cutting-edge tools that are reshaping the AI landscape.”

Dr. Sanjay Chitnis, Dean of RV University, echoed this sentiment, affirming, “Our young technocrats are on the brink of global AI innovation, particularly in Generative AI. With Broadrange AI’s diverse array of intern-driven projects and cutting-edge tools, they are poised for success. This partnership embodies our shared vision for the AI era that lies ahead.”

Both Broadrange AI and RV University envision this collaboration as the inception of transformative AI innovation, laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s leaders in the dynamic realm of Generative AI.


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