Benefits of Getting a Zero Trust Digital Environment Mechanism

Digital environment

In a traditional or perimeter network security, the focus is always to keep cyber attackers out of the network. However, this does not account for the vulnerabilities faced by users inside the network. Traditional network security architecture has been leveraging legacy solutions like firewalls, VPNs, access controls, IDS, IPS, SIEMs, and email gateways that together build multiple layers of security on the perimeter.

Cybercriminals are well skilled in social engineering skills, tricking employees into clicking on malicious links that initiate attacks. Even if security leaders are aware of these risks it is still difficult to keep the employees from taking the bait. Remote work has only increased the risks — with employees facing confusing security policies, while using more home networks and personal devices.

Zero Trust Leaves No Room for Easy Access

According to Gartner, 85% of data breaches involved a human element. Therefore, it is important to verify and trust the users even inside the network. This is what Zero Trust is all about. In Zero Trust, the network assumes that every user is an attacker, and hence, it demands the user to provide the right credentials before they are given access to the network’s complete array of sites, apps, or devices. This includes even users who are already within the network perimeter.

Digital transformation is getting expedited, and hence there is tremendous growth in hybrid work model, multicloud adoption and expansion, which makes Zero Trust approach a critical requirement. Zero Trust architecture can improve overall levels of security and reduce complexity and operational overhead.

Organisations providing their users with devices and applications expect the users to respect and protect the organization’s confidential data. However, instead of simply hoping that users will make no errors while handling the company’s network, they can automate the network access control.

Safeguarding Sensitive Business Information and Brand Repute

Securing enterprise data is one of the biggest priorities for any business embarking on the digital transformation journey. Data loss or data breach can result in downtime, causing damage to the finances and also brand reputation. With an effective Zero Trust enforcement, not only the authentication is ensured but only authorized individuals and devices will have access to resources and applications. This will help mitigate data breaches, preventing many of these negative consequences.

Increasing Visibility and Securing Remote Workforce

Since Zero Trust means never trusts anyone, it is easier to narrow down what resources and data are required to be part of the security network. To access any particular resource, the user must go through a stringent authentication process to gain access. Once the monitoring has been set up covering all activities and resources, there will be complete visibility into how and who accesses the network. Login details like time, location, and application will be recorded and tracked. The overall security system will flag suspicious behaviors and keep track of every activity occurring. 

The sudden announcement of work from remote locations has put the IT departments in sudden jeopardy. Around 73% of IT professionals are concerned that the distributed workforce has eventually introduced new vulnerabilities along with a sudden increase in exposure. With Zero Trust in place, the access shall be given only to the required personnel, thus reinforcing security. 

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